How to unpack and position a Windsong wind chime

>  20 August 2018

We provide custom made packaging for our wind chimes so that they can be kept in pristine condition during transport or storage.  To unpack and hang a Windsong wind chime, first take out the cup hook and install it in the position where you have decided to hang the wind chime. Our wind chimes can be hung under cover from a pergola or decking, or out in the weather from a tree.  You can either hang the key ring on the top stringing section of your wind chime directly on to the cup hook or use an S hook.  Next remove the timber striker and sail from their cardboard insert packaging.  Lift the wind chime out of its cardboard box by holding on to the keyring on the top stringing section and cradle the pipes with your other hand or arm.  Hang the wind chime in the desired position.  If the timber top is on an angle, it can easily be straightened by placing a hand on either side of the top and gently adjusting the angle.  The timber bead should be positioned half way down the top stringing section.  If your chosen position does not get enough breeze, or is in too exposed a position, you may need to experiment to find a better location.