Broken wrist has impact on wind chime production

Broken wrist has impact on wind chime production

Published Feb 22 '15 11:11 am • by Betty

I am discovering first hand that our handsome quality Australian made wind chimes are handcrafted or handmade.

Since I broke my wrist two weeks ago and required surgery followed by a plaster for 6-8 weeks, I have discovered just how important the hands are in making our products.  My role is to oil the timber components; finish and buff the pipe with sanding belt and steel wool; drill the stringing holes; push plastic grommets into the drill holes to protect the cord; wash and dry and store the pipe; top, centre and pipe string on average 35 wind chimes per week; pack into presentation boxes and stick labels on boxes; wrap boxes for despatch; prepare invoices and address labels on on the computer and carry wrapped parcels to the Post Office.  All of these processes require two able bodied hands.

Therefore, please bear with us if we can't fill your orders as promptly as normal over the next two months.    

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