Please accept our apology if a colour variation has caused you disappointment

Please accept our apology if a colour variation has caused you disappointment

Published Oct 22 '16 9:55 pm • by Betty

In 2013 to meet consumer demand we introduced an anodised bright polished copper into our range of deluxe colours.  Anodising is a unique finish that produces subtle changes of colour intensity according to the light source and direction, and the bright polished finish gives the aluminium a bright reflective finish.  The copper colour beautifully complemented our range of copper rain chains and proved to be so popular with our customers that we re-ordered larger quantities in 2014 and again in 2015.  One of the quirks of anodising is that the colour is never exactly the same as the previous batch, but we were very disappointed with the variation in the last batch, to the extent that we have decided to rename it polished brass colour rather than polished copper. 

The pipe at the top of the photo is from the latest batch, which we have renamed polished brass, whereas the pipe at the bottom of the photo is the colour we prefer, polished copper.  We apologise to any customers who may have purchased either a Concerto or a Cathedral copper wind chime from the latest batch of pipe and been disappointed.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to have a chat about it.  The photo below sent in by a customer who was disappointed with the colour variation convinced us that we needed to take some action.  The new colour is not quite brass colour, but closer to it than to copper.










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