Poems about wind chimes

Poems about wind chimes

Published Feb 1 '15 10:09 pm • by Betty

I love collecting poems about wind chimes and here's a particularly lovely one that touched my heart ......


"Take these wind chimes that I give you Hang them high up in the tree

Let the melody remind you Of the spirit that is he

He would have wanted song To come and fill your days

He would surely bring you laughter If there was any sort of way

If he could, he'd grin that grin of his That crinkled up his eyes

That somehow owned a twinkle He never could disguise

There's nothing to replace The man you knew and loved

But you can listen for his song of joy From the chimes hung up above

When you hear the wind pass through them You'll hear the happy sound

The notes will fill your heart And you'll know he is around

Take these wind chimes that I give you Let their music fill the air

Let them sing a song upon the wind And feel him smiling there"

Author unknown


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