Mother's Day Gift

Our beautiful, hand made and precision tuned wind chimes make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Hung from a tree or nearby verandah, they will bring calming and serene melodies, reminding mum of your love.

Made to the highest quality, our chimes can last for generations, and with our engraving service, you can personalise any of our wind chimes with your personal and everlasting message.


We have designed an interactive listening experience to help you choose from the range of Windsong Chimes. The first step is to listen to the various tunings to determine the pitch and melody that suits your temperament. The sounds are of three main types. The chime in Minor scale is contemplative (Abbey, Bo Bells, Rani and Celestial) and in Pentatonic scale is tranquil (Willow, Concerto, Malay and Mikado) and in Major scale is festive (Cathedral). To help you understand the various emotional responses the different tunings of our wind chimes can invoke, here is a guide.

Calmness and relaxation

Wind chimes with a pentatonic tuning have been developed to soothe and relax. Each of our calmness and relaxation wind chimes have been tuned to calm the mind, body and soul.

Willow C Pentatonic Chinese tuning
Concerto Bb Pentatonic Classical Western
Malay SE Asian Scale
Mikado Japanese Scale

Contemplation and meditation

Wind chimes with a minor tuning have been developed to enhance contemplation and meditation. Each of our contemplation and meditation wind chimes have been tuned to bring on mindfulness and a connection with the elements.

Rani C Minor Indian Raga.
Bo Bells A Minor
Abbey 6 C Minor
Celestial C Minor

Revitalisation and inspiration

Wind chimes with a major tuning have been developed to stimulate the senses and celebrate special and festive occasions. Our revitalising and inspiring wind chimes have been tuned to invoke outward and uplifting feelings and to honour each day in all its glory.

Cathedral D Major
Orleans Blue Scale

Tranquility and harmony

A simple method of placing a rubber band around the middle of the timber striker will mute the notes of some of our extra-large wind chimes but increase the harmonics to create a humming resonance. Our tranquil and harmonic wind chimes have been tuned to resonate within you in your peaceful surroundings.

Abbey 6 C Minor

Please browse our range of tuned wind chimes, once you've chosen one, simply add engraving and your personal message.