Rain Chains FAQ

What is the function of a rain chain?

Like a downpipe, rain chains allow a steady flow of water off your roof from your rain gutter. Unlike a downpipe a rain chain allows you to watch the cascading water through the cups or links with the soothing tinkling sound of flowing water.

Do I need rain gutters to use my rain chain?

No. Although rain chains work best when attached to a rain gutter they can also be used wherever water flows off your roof or shed. It is helpful when the waterflow is concentrated into the rain chain to maximize the function of the rain chain. You can also hang smaller sections on a hook in the garden to enhance the garden appearance.

Will my rain chain maintain its shiny copper appearance?

Our rain chains are made from 100% copper which through normal usage will darken with age and develop a beautiful patina finish. Our rain chains will last many lifetimes. 

Will high winds affect the rain chains?

Rarely have we heard of any issues with wind. Due to the open design only a very strong wind will cause some swaying but it will be minimal and should not affect the function of the rain chain.

How much do rain chains weigh?

The rain chains weigh up to 2.2 kg and are not an issue hanging from most rain gutters.

How long does it take to install a rain chain?

Rain chains are easy to install and usually takes only a few minutes. Let us know if you would like us to send installation details.

Where does the water flow into from a rain chain?

Like a downpipe the water flow from your rain chain can go direct into your drainage pipe, a basin or a birdbath. A basin or other receptacle will allow you to use the collected water for plants, rinsing outdoor furniture and many other uses.

Where are they made?

The rain chains are sourced from a US supplier.