Rain Chains

Copper Rain Chains​

Although functional, traditional house downpipes can sometimes be very unsightly. We suggest a practical solution that will add beauty and charm to your house and garden by replacing a downpipe with a solid copper rain chain. They can transform a downpipe into a visual delight and be added to any part of a gutter. Rain chains are either a collection of metal cups with holes at the bottom that are chained together or a series of links and chains which direct the flow of water downwards. Rainwater from the roof is dispersed from the gutter through the rain chain and can be directed into a drain, a pond, a barrel, a garden bed, a birdbath or a creative water feature. They are easily installed with hooks supplied.

They provide an interesting feature when the sun is shining, but when rain falls they create a spectacular feature as water travels through the chain. In light rain it will form a soothing trickle, while in a downpour it transforms into a dramatic gushing column of white water. While best connected to a water source from above such as a gutter or a microjet in a watering system, they can be used in purely decorative ways too, such as garden ornaments hanging from trees or pergolas.

Our rain chains are made from high grade copper which through normal usage will darken with age and develop a beautiful patina finish. They will last for many generations. They weigh up to 2.2 kg and are not an issue hanging from most rain gutters.  Our cup style rain chains are made from 23 - 24 gauge copper and link style rain chains from 3 - 9 gauge copper.  They will never rust, and over time will develop a beautiful patina finish.    

A rain chain will enhance your home for many years to come or provide an unforgettable gift for family or friends on any special occasion.  They are environmentally friendly and a beautiful "forever" product.

Rain chain specifications                
  Length No. of cups No. of links Cup width Cup Length Bottom hole Thickness Price
Medium cup rain chains                
Tulip cup 2.6 m 27 0 6.35 cm 6.35 cm 1.90 cm 23 gauge $230
Large cup rain chains                
Bamboo cup 2.6 m 20 0 8.25 cm 7.62 cm 1.90 cm 23 gauge $240
Lotus cup 2.6 m 20 0 11.43 cm 5.71 cm 1.90 cm 23 gauge $240
Hammered cup ** 2.6 m 15 14 8.89 cm 6.35 cm 2.54 cm 23 gauge $240
Teardrop cup 2.6 m 11 10 10.16 cm 5.71 cm 2.54 cm 23 gauge $240
Extra large cup rain chains                
Midori cup 2.6 m 12 11 10.16 cm 10.16 cm 4.44 cm 22 gauge $295
Akira cup 2.6 m 14 0 10.16 cm 8.89 cm 5.08 cm 22 gauge $295
Link style rain chain Length No. of links Leaves per link Leaf width Leaf Length Thickness    
Cascading leaves ** 2.6 m 46 2 4.44 cm 7.36 23 gauge   $265
** There is more splashing associated with this style rain chain