Our Quality

Windsong Chimes has handcrafted precision tuned wind chimes since 1985, and here's a few reasons why we've stood the test of time...


If you don't love your wind chime, return it to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund - plus we'll pay your return postage! All our chimes come with a 2 year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship. Please see the conditions for full details.


Blue gum

A native plantation hardwood, solar kiln dried, durable, colour pink to dark red, and used for the top component. The hardwood tops are carefully cut into hexagons or pentagons, then the edges are machined with round edges and sanded smooth.

Plantation pine

Light colour and easily worked, ideal for the striker component of chimes. The strikers are turned with extra fine detail and also conceal the knot.

Camphor laurel

Due to its invasive nature replacing native vegetation, logging is considered an environmental necessity. It often has spectacular colour and grain and is used for the sail. The Camphor Laurel sail is a handcrafted piece of art, with our unique curved S shape cut from solid blocks so it keeps it's shape long into the future.

Depending on market conditions we may use timbers other than the above. We sometimes use Blackbutt, Brushbox, Silky Oak, Queensland Maple, Cypress Pine and Hoop Pine. We never use timber sourced from clear fell logging of old growth forest.

Timber finishing

All timber components are finished with a non toxic blend of filtered, unmodified Tung Nut Oil, Citrus, Eucalypt and Pine Wood oils/extracts with dissolved, refined Bees Wax. These oils from the plant kingdom are totally replenishable, being harvested seasonally. This blend leaves a low sheen that penetrates the timber to nourish, preserve and seal; as well as providing protection against weather degradation and rot.

Precision tuned aluminium pipes

Long lasting, lightweight and rust free, our wind chime pipes are anodised for surface colour and protection. The anodising facilities we use have strict environmental controls in Australia. The photos on this page are of a bronze Celestial wind chime.

The aluminium pipes, which have strong thick walls, are cut to tolerances often less than 1mm to preserve the precision tuning we are known for - listen to our wind chimes here. We choose an anodised finish as it is stronger than the aluminium itself - plus it doesn't chip like the powder coating used by other manufacturers and importers. The pipe ends are cut at 45 degrees like organ flutes, and then lovingly polished. One sure way to recognise a Windsong chime.


Take a closer look at other chimes. Look at the exposed knots on their strings - not so at Windsong with our concealed system - while this takes considerable extra effort, we believe the aesthetics are worth it plus it adds extra protection from the weather.

The long lasting, moisture resistant polyester cord is protected by pipe grommets to prevent wear. The cord will last between 10 - 12 years in normal outdoor hanging conditions and sometimes up to 20 years in a sheltered position. We've had chimes last over 30 years before they come back for some R&R (rest and refurbishment).

Australian made

Proudly made in Australia. Having passed strict compliance tests, we proudly display the Australian Made campaign symbol on our packaging.


Windsong chimes has been trusted since 1985 - testament to the ongoing quality. Our chimes become part of our customers' lives and we love refurbishing them when they get long in the tooth - often over 20 years later! We are a small boutique manufacturer - if you want an inferior mass produced or imported wind chime you've come to the wrong place - however if you're after a unique hand crafted, precision tuned, Australian made wind chime that with a little TLC will last a lifetime, look no further.