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Extra large wind chimes


On this page you can listen to our wind chime range - one at a time or all at once, although that might not be such a great idea! If you're after more than one chime, you can experiment here by playing two or more at the same time. Just remember the pause button if you get carried away.


The Abbey wind chime captures the spiritual harmony of Gregorian chants sung by monks and nuns in the European middle ages. The vibration of the large pipes in minor scale are tranquil yet uplifting, devotional and calming.

6 pipe Abbey wind chime. View Abbey 6 wind chime
3 pipe Abbey wind chime. View Abbey 3 wind chime


Bo Bells

This beautiful chime's tuning soothes the soul with its delightful medley of hauntingly resonant notes created from a combination of two different diameter pipes.

Bo Bells wind chime. View Bo Bells wind chime



The name of this latest addition to our range of extra large wind chimes aptly describes its sound - a gentle classical scale that lends an ethereal, light and heavenly musical texture to any setting.

Celestial wind chime. View Celestial wind chime


Large wind chimes



This classic and majestic sound of European church bells expresses festivals and celebrations. The Cathedral sound is very readily recognised as outward and happy.

Cathedral wind chime. View Cathedral wind chime



This seductive chime with its mellow sound reflects the powerful mysticism and tranquillity of an eastern haven.

Malay wind chime. View Malay wind chime



Religious ceremonies, artistic courtyards and respect for musical tradition are echoed by the sustained resonance of this graceful Japanese scale.

Mikado wind chime. View Mikado wind chime


Medium wind chimes



An enduring favourite, this popular chime combines lyrical melody with refreshing clarity and lightness of tone.

Concerto wind chime. View Concerto wind chime



Our Orleans chime offers melodies full of life, reflecting Blues and Jazz sounds from the African-American communities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Orleans wind chime. View Orleans wind chime


Small wind chimes



Our "Indian Princess", tuned to an Indian musical raga and evocative of the female vocals of a Bollywood film. The six pipes ensure good Feng Shui and this beautiful little wind chime has all the design features of our larger chimes.

Rani wind chime. View Rani wind chime



Tuned to a Chinese musical scale, the Willow chime plays relaxing Eastern melodies and enjoys all the distinctive design features of our larger chimes.

Willow wind chime. View Willow wind chime


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