About Us

Windsong Chimes Australia *ABN No. 43 633 238 972

Since 1985 Windsong Chimes has been making fine-tuned, instrument quality chimes that are designed to reflect the timeless beauty and charm of music created by the wind. We are a family run business, using our skills in fine metal work, woodwork and design to produce wind chimes of the foremost quality.

We are based in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. 

We are committed to providing a quality product. Windsong Chimes are presented in lightweight, post and traveller friendly boxes and include a 2 year written Guarantee. We know that crafting the best chimes means starting with the best materials and a commitment to Total Quality. Windsong Chimes showcase the skill and quality crafted into each design.




Aluminium tube – long lasting, lightweight and rust free, our pipes are anodised for surface colour and protection. The anodising facilities we use have strict environmental controls in Australia.

Timber – we usually use the following three timbers for our chimes components.

Rose gum – a plantation hardwood native to our region, solar kiln dried, durable, colour pink to dark red, and used for the top component.
Camphor laurel – introduced species from China. Due to its invasive nature replacing native vegetation, logging is considered an environmental necessity. Can have spectacular colour and grain. Medium density and used for the sail.
Plantation pine – light colour and easily worked, ideal for the striker component of chimes.

Depending on market conditions we may use timbers other than the above.  We sometimes use Blackbutt, Brushbox, Silky Oak, Queensland Maple, Cypress Pine and Hoop Pine.  We never use timber sourced from clear fell logging of old growth forest.

Timber finishing – All our timber components are finished with a non toxic blend of vegetable oils predominantly based on tung oil. These oils from the plant kingdom are totally replenishable, being harvested seasonally.

Stringing – The long lasting, moisture resistant 8 or 12 ply nylon cord is protected by pipe grommets to prevent wear. The cord will last between 10 - 12 years in normal outdoor hanging conditions and sometimes up to 20 years in a sheltered position.