Wind Chime Refurbishing

Wind Chime Refurbishments

Windsong Chimes

Depending on exposure to weather and age, the cord will eventually begin to deteriorate and the timber components become weathered. We can refurbish your Windsong wind chime by either replacing all the timber components or sanding and re-oiling them, then we restring it. If you post your wind chime to us we can give it some tender loving care and restore it to its former glory. The rates for this service are set out below. Please note the costs quoted are exclusive of return freight costs, which will be added to the invoice for the service provided.

We wait until we have accumulated a number of chimes before we set a few days aside for refurbishments and this tends to occur every two months. Depending when your wind chime arrives within our refurbishment schedule, there may be a delay in returning it to you. 

Wind Chime Size Refurbish Cost
Small & Medium - Willow, Rani, Concerto, Orleans $65
Large - Malay, Mikado, Cathedral $85
Extra Large - Abbey, Bo Bells, Celestial $110

Non Windsong Chimes

If you are unsure of the make please email us some pictures and we'll try to confirm.

Postal address:

Please send to address below, and include your phone number and email if you have one.

Windsong Chimes
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