Since 1985 Windsong Chimes Australia has been making superior quality wind chimes, precisely tuned to carefully chosen musical scales and elegantly designed to grace any style of home or décor. Our wind chimes please the eye and delight the ear, keeping you in touch with the subtle variations in your surroundings and marking the changes that take place throughout the day. For some of us these sounds are company, to others they act as calming, meditational notes. Our handcrafted Australian made wind chimes are guaranteed to bring quality, harmony and serenity into your life.

Windsong Chimes are crafted from the finest sustainable Australian wood and anodised aluminium. We are a family run business, using our skills in fine metal work, wood work and design to produce wind chimes of the foremost quality. The pipes produce a resounding resonance and will not rust. The precise tuning of this instrument creates an infinite variety of melodies providing years of gentle musical enchantment.

We also have a select range of imported high grade copper rain chains which give a musical voice to the rain. Functional when used in place of a gutter down pipe, a captivating water feature that is beautiful to watch, and the sound of the rain water flowing through soothes and relaxes the mind and soul.

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