The original creator of our wind chimes

>  22 August 2018


We pay homage to Rainer Fieck, an original talent and creative spirit who developed the prototype wind chimes which later became the Windsong Chimes range of wind chimes. In conjunction with being an educator in the Rudolf Steiner Chrysalis school based in the Thora Valley near Bellingen, Rainer Fieck produced wooden toys in the Steiner tradition and displayed and sold them through his Care Craft shop located at the Old Butter Factory in Bellingen. 

In the mid 1980s Rainer developed a small range of bush style wind chimes and then, when these proved to be very popular, went on to create a more sophisticated range of tuned wind chimes which became renowned for their distinctive style and beautiful tunings.

To this day we still receive original Rainer made wind chimes for refurbishment and enjoy giving them the care and attention they need to provide their owners with another few decades of enjoyment. Sadly Rainer died in a car accident in December 1988.

We are proud to continue his legacy of a cottage industry producing a handcrafted Australian made quality product.