We provide a refurbishing service for our old wind chimes

>  27 January 2019


There's a certain beauty in an old weathered wind chime that's provided many years of service and it goes to show that old wind chimes get better with age and maturity.  Just like a much loved pet, you tend to get more fond of them as they age.  But there comes a time when they need some tender loving care and it's best to return them to us for refurbishment. 

When we refurbish our old wind chimes we firstly clean the pipes and polish the insides to make them shiny again.  After washing the pipes to remove any buildup of grime, we apply a metal polish to bring back their original lustre.  The old timber components are all replaced with brand new ones and after restringing, the old tatty wind chime gets a new lease of life and is ready to go home to their owner looking young and invigorated.

So not only is a Windsong wind chime powered by renewable energy, it's a forever product that lasts and lasts and can be passed through the generations.  We've always got some chimes waiting to be refurbished and it's a reminder of how long we've been making them because the old ones that come in are between 25 and 30 years of age.